Photo of Klingon ship model framework
Photo of Klingon ship model detail
Photo of Klingon ship model in studio
Photo of author with Klingon ship model

Klingon Warship model - 8 foot wingspan

4 years 10 months ago

This project, though unfinished, was a lot of fun. Remember, I was young at the time, full of energy and fresh new ideas. I was always jumping from one project to another, sometimes leaving one unfinished to move onto the next. I was also scrambling to make a living and create a family. In the case of this model project, my wife at the time was pregnant and we moved from Texas to Washington State. I was able to move the model but had no where to store it on arrival, so the unfinished model was disassembled and parts of it repurposed in other projects.

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Photo of NX-01 Enterprise scale model by
Photo of primary hull of NX-01 Enterprise
Photo of NX-01 Enterprise scale model under construction

The NX-01 Starship Enterprise scale model

4 years 1 month ago

Recently, I completed work on a 1/350 scale model of the NX-01 Starship Enterprise model seen in the Star Trek series "Enterprise." 

This was a fun model to build - even though I didn't start it from scratch. The model kit was given to me by a friend, Sara, who had already built the engine nacelles and had done some paint work on the underside of the primary hull. 

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Photo of the starship USS Cameron under construction

The Starship model builder

4 years 1 month ago

In a previous blog post, I wrote about how I created scale models for a living early in my career. I did it for a living for two reasons: One, I've always enjoyed building scale models ; and two, because I was paid well to do it.

My inspiration were always the wonderful spaceship models I saw on television and at the movie theater. This was back before CGI, and the models used in Star Trek and in Star Wars fascinated me to no end. To keep my skills sharp, I often designed and built large models - some of them on an impressive scale.

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Photo of a scale model section of freeway
Photo of a scale model double-wide mobile home

A lifetime of scale model building

4 years 2 months ago

As a kid, I grew up building scale models. Assembling ships, airplanes and logging truck models sparked my imagination and soon, I was crafting unique ways of detailing and lighting them. My logging trucks had headlights, my space ships and blinking navigation lights and my warships puffed smoke out of the gun turrets. When I discovered Star Trek as a young man, my imagination went into hyperdrive and I quickly moved from the AMT model kits of the day to designing and building my own custom space ships. Some of these were up to eight feet long!

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