Jupiter Jones and the Three Investigators

Photo of The Mystery of Skeleton Island
Photo of The Mystery of the Flaming Footprints

I have been a fan of The Three Investigators book series since I was very young. As a youngster in Glendale, Arizona, I would often walk several blocks to visit the downtown Velma Teague Library, often staying for hours. My appetite for books was as healthy then as it is today, and I was particularly interested in the book series about a junior detective firm in Rocky Beach, California - one headed by Jupiter Jones and calling itself The Three Investigators.

I read a couple of the Hardy Boys mystery books, but those never captured my imagination the way the Three Investigators series did. After all, the Hardy Boys didn't use an abandoned motor home, buried beneath piles of junk, as their Headquarters! They didn't have a periscope they could raise and lower to observe their surroundings, they didn't have secret entrances and crafty escape routes to and from their Headquarters, and they certainly didn't have to deal with Skinny Norris!

As much as I was a fan then, I am equally - if not moreso - a more avid fan of the series today. After a hard day, I often crack open one of the books and read it again, immersing myself in the magic of youth and a good story. I own most all of the books in the series and proudly display them on a special shelf in my home. They are among my most treasured possessions.

So, all that said, imagine my surprise when I learned that there are at least two major motion pictures based on The Three Investigators!  The first, The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island, was released in 2007. It stars Chancellor Miller as Jupiter, Nice Price as Pete and Cameron Monaghan as Bob.  Two years later, The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle was released. Though there also are books in the series with identical titles, there is little to no similarity between the motion pictures and the books. 

As you might imagine, I own them both.

If it were announced today that there were new titles being added to the series, I would probably be the oldest person in line to buy them. Here's hoping!

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