My first oil painting - Rhonda Lynn

Photo of painting of Rhonda Lynn by Jim W Coleman

As I mentioned elsewhere on this website, 2020 marks a huge shift in direction for me - from working entirely with pen and ink to painting on board and canvas. Outside of paint-by-numbers as a kid, I've never completed a painting in my life and the few times I've tried, I gave up in frustration before accomplishing much. This time, though, I mean to make a serious go at it.

To start, I'm going to do a watercolor, an oil and an acrylic painting. I figure it will take a year for me to get good at it and the first efforts will be good attempts, but I don't expect to work miracles for some time. Practice will make better.

For my first oil, I chose my best friend, Rhonda Lynn as the subject. She passed away too young a week before I started this painting and I thought it only fitting that I kick off this new direction by capturing an interpretation of her beautiful face on canvas. In the future, when I get better that this, I'll circle back, paint her again and do her more justice.